De Nora water technologies

De Nora water technologies

De Nora is an Italian multinational corporation that is listed on the Euronext Milan stock exchange. It is a leader in environmentally friendly technology and plays an important part in the Green Economy. De Nora specializes in electrochemistry.

A prominent manufacturer of equipment, systems, disinfection, and filtration solutions for water and wastewater treatment, as well as the world's largest supplier of high-performing catalytic coatings and insoluble electrodes for use in electrochemical and industrial applications.

Company Overview

This company was founded by Oronzio De Nora in 1923.

The Company is dedicated to developing unconventional solutions in order to realize the goal of decarbonizing the energy sector, facilitating the transition to a hydrogen economy, and guaranteeing that everyone has access to clean water. 

The technologies developed by De Nora are widely recognized as a high-value enabler that facilitates transformational processes for a wide variety of industrial applications, including the production of primary chemicals, electronic applications, water purification, galvanic processes, energy storage, the protection of infrastructure against corrosion, and a great number of others. 

The Group has an impressive track record of organic growth over the past decade, which has been supported by innovation as well as successful mergers and acquisitions activities in various different nations.

De Nora is active in 25 operating companies across 10 countries and maintains 5 research and development centers in Italy, the United States of America, and Japan. 

These centers are responsible for the company's ongoing expansion and improvement of its proprietary technologies, which are protected by approximately 260 patent families and over 2,600 territorial extensions. See American dad toonova

The company has a global presence in more than 100 countries and offers a diverse product portfolio; as a result, it is able to provide efficient service to its customers in those countries and employs more than 1,700 people.

De Nora water technologies Public Review 2022


1. The treatment of water is a discipline that will never become obsolete.

2. The work environment is good, and their working hours are flexible. Excellent benefits and overtime are paid.

3. People are talented and cool with each another.


1. Mismanagement on the part of multinational officers who are more concerned with attaining their financial goals than they are with their staff or customers.

2. There is a lack of diversity in management positions and positions where decisions are made. White people make up 98% of all managerial and decision-making positions. White employees are the only ones who are eligible for promotions, wage increases, certifications, additional training, and other additional advantages. 

3. Nepotism is rampant in this company, since management hire and advance only the people they like along with and only a select few employees receive positive feedback. 

4. There is not enough flexibility in the work environment or the vacation policies. Old-school, yes-sir, and micromanagers make up this kind of supervisors. Update, find out the Emma Builds Tech blog

5. There is no room here for individual thoughts or perspectives.

Advice to the Management

Retain your staff! Make sure that lower-level managers have access to the resources that will allow their teams to continue providing excellent service to your consumers.

Review the managers’ performance by having the employees complete anonymous surveys and ensuring that there will be no repercussions for those who respond honestly. 

Examine the knowledge and ability of managers to work independently, as most managers rely on the staff under them to complete all of their work for them. 

Put an end to the practice of manager favoritism by stopping it in hiring, yearly evaluations, promotions, and wage increases. 

Give long-term employees who have contributed significantly to the success of the company the opportunity to advance into management positions. Check what otp means on Snapchat

On a note of finality, they should also consider elevating the status of the long-haul employees at your organization, especially if they are routinely overlooked or treated as though their years of service are of little worth.


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