Instead of spending hours on the weekends working on all the chores you could have going on around the house, it might be quicker to employ a handyman (or woman!) that will work on your property in Pakistan.

When it comes to home repairs and upkeep around your house, a handyman is a jack of all trades who typically charges less than a specialist like a plumber or electrician. But it's crucial to choose the appropriate individual before inviting them into your property in Pakistan.

You don't want a handyman that takes advantage of you or fixes everything wrong, forcing you to pay another expert to finish the task again.

Before selecting one, ask three or four handyman services the following questions:

Do you have license? 

In many places, whether a handyman or a contractor, there are procedures through which people can get certified in their area of specialization. Before letting them work on your property in Pakistan or hiring one of the possible handymen, ask to view a copy of their license and verify that they are all licensed.

Do you have past clients testimonials?

If this handyman has been working in the industry for some time, previous clients may attest to the quality of his work. Request to speak with certain former clients. If the candidate you are considering won't provide you their contact information, there's a significant probability they haven't produced quality work in the past. Online reviews are another option you have.

how much time will you consume?

 You should be able to ask a handyman how much they will charge by the job or the hour. Give them a list of the tasks you'll need accomplished to facilitate this procedure. This will be particularly helpful when contrasting various handyman services. As part of a contract, try to acquire the estimate in writing.

Do you have liability insurance?

You don't want to be held responsible for the handyman's injuries if they occur while working. Make sure they are covered by liability insurance. Just like construction workers or contractors on building sites, handyman services should have insurance to cover them in the event of an accident on the job. It defends them and shields you from future legal troubles.

Is your work stable & reliable?

Inquire about the handyman's work guarantee. That is, will he return to redo something if it is incorrect? A written warranty may be required, but reputable handyman services will typically provide one to demonstrate their commitment to their work.

Are you alone or need a team?

A single handyman will be needed for some tasks, while several workers may need to enter your home to complete others. You should be informed of this in advance because it can have an impact on your home's price and foot traffic. Asking if the handyman will be there while the team is there is usually a good idea as well. It might be problematic when contractors hire personnel but remain completely absent from the job site while it is being done.


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