What Is The Average Lifetime Of A Commercial-Grade Water Heater?

What Is The Average Lifetime Of A Commercial-Grade Water Heater?

It is always useful to know the life expectancy of a commercial-grade water heater when you start using the same. You should also know the potential factors that can impact the overall longevity of the water heating systems. Consulting a good plumbing service provider can be helpful and give you expert guidance on the long-lasting and effective usage of a commercial-grade water heater

Here are a few pointers that can be useful to you while you are choosing your water heater. 

Tank-type versus tankless systems 

A tankless water heater system can work functionally well and in a proper condition continuously for 20 years. In contrast, the tank-type water heater usually has an average lifetime of approximately ten years. You can replace the water heater once this lifetime is about to be over or is already over. This will be better to replace the water heater within the end of its life expectancy to avoid inconveniences like breakdowns or malfunctioning, which affect the overall functioning of the water heater. 

Signs that your water heater is about to fail 

A water heater can show early signs of failure. Some of these common signs are: 

    • Discoloration or rusty water can signal that your tank system is deteriorating and is probably on its last legs. Under such circumstances, you should call an expert and get your water heater checked. 
    • If you notice a lack of hot water, this can indicate increased water usage within the water heater, which can reduce the appliance's performance. 
    • Suppose you hear loud noises from your commercial water heater. In that case, this indicates that some calcium deposits occur inside the water heater tank, which may block the drain valve and cause many issues in the water heater's optimal performance. 

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