«80kidz» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

80kidz is a 2-person Japanese electro unit formed in 2006. The story of the group begins when former member Mayu met Jun while playing discs at an event of the Japanese indie label Second Royal, in Kyoto. They later met Ali& in Tokyo and the group was formed. They released their first limited bootleg mix CD “The KidzAre Alnight No. 1” in February of 2007, as a three-piece DJ unit. The mix sold-out rapidly and requests for DJ appearances quickly followed. “The Kidz Are Alnight No.2” continued things further forward for them. By that time they were publishing their own remixes on their Myspace website, and various music blog websites such as Kidz By Colette begin to pick up on them and their music began to get blogged and discussed around the world. This attention went even further with the release of their original track “Disdrive”, which was remixed by several known DJs. Their remix of “Ce Jeu” they made for Yelle was part of the remix contest in the blog of the french singer. In August 2008 they released their first EP Life Begins At Eighty, and n May 2009 they released their first original album This Is My Shit. Former synthetizer and vocalist Mayu left the group in late 2009. They’ve performed with Justice, Busy P, Boys Noize, Teenage Bad Girl, Hot Chip, and BoBmo.