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A.B.C. (Acrobat Boys Club) was the acrobatic group under the Johnny’s Entertainment label. They are a part of Johnny’s Juniors.

A.B.C. was created in 2001 with five members Totsuka Shota (戸塚祥太), Kawai Fumito (河合郁人), Tsukada Ryoichi (塚田僚一), Koshioka Yuki and Yudai Tatsumi. They were dancing with J-Support. In 2002, Koshioka Yuki and Yudai Tatsumi left the group and were replaced with Goseki Koichi (五関晃一). A.B.C. boys are especially well known for their backflips, cartwheels, somersaults, dance skills and other things such as backflipping off of raised platforms.

After 2008’s Summary they changed their name into A.B.C.-Z as Hashimoto Ryousuke (橋本良亮) joined them.