«Acues & Elitist» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Fernando Moreno aka Acues born 1979 and Sergio Sala aka Elitist born 1980, met more than 5 years ago halfway between Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain).

They started remixing each other tracks, Fernando under his names Acues or Atturia, and Sergio as a member of the formation Dualsystem. They have released many references under labels like Vale Music, Impressive Records, etc. Moreover they have made sessions for many important on-line radio stations all over the world and their songs have appeared on several international dj’s tracklists, together with several reviews in webs and press.

After some works together as sessions, productions and other multimedia projects; they both got interested in a common project. Motivated by the production of a track included in one of the sets in the TWITM (The World In The Mix) of Di.fm, presented by Giorgio Ponticelli, many producers and international dj’s showed their interest for this track called Acues & Elitist - Zonderland.

Since then they have been working very hard surprising everybody with every new release. Besides, they have arranged some performances in diferent places both in Spain and over the world.