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My name is Elad Afgin, also known as Afgin. I am proud to present my special world of music…

It all begun around the mid ‛90s. Some where around the summer of 1995 was my first experience with what was called until than, Goa Trance. Those were the golden years of the Goa trance style, from the crazy full moon parties in Ko-phangan to the many colorful sunrises. That was a time of the underground parties in Israel. I remember my first party when I was 16 years old. Not more than 40 people there, but it was so powerful and different than what I have seen before, specially the strong message this music influenced me with and still does today, also for so many people around the world.

At the year 1998 I got curious at the making of this amazing tunes and I started working on my computer on the Impulse Tracker program. Until today I still have those old first tunes I made. I can remember those days, coming back from the army on weekends, excited to start working on my music. Of course, after a while I started upgrading myself and worked on the fruity loops and Reason, but the major change was when I started working on Cue Bass. It happened at 2004 and it was my when I first started to make my home studio.

My music is truly full inspiration of the Goa trance, which is rare and most unique around the scene today. I feel that only through out this powerful music I can send my message, express myself and my inner feelings. By no means I am making this music for commercial reasons. It’s made from love, it’s my Therapy. My music like myself, is a mixture of emotions and psychedelic atmosphere wrapped around with positive energies. From Man With No Name, MFG, Astral Projection, Shakta to Trasnwave, they all have important part in my inspiration.

My home studio holds:

1. AMD PC (300 giga mem)

2. 6.5inch Alesis monitors

3. 4 channels mixer by Alesis

4. Radium49 by M audio

5. Cubase SX2

6. Variety of VST and plugins

I want to thank all the great musicians and artists that helped creating this magical world. Also thanks to Samuroi for the English translation. Special Thank you to my friends Elad Salton and Guy The Wonderboy. Keep the holy work you do with your team, and I hope we can bring a new age of fine Goa days! Keep The Spirit Alive! Keep the Vibes alive, that is the need of our times and… the true Goa spirit.