«Akoman» - biography, albums, songs, video clips


2005: Funeral is formed. Morbid - vocal, Murder - guitar.

2006: The first home-album “Freedom of Suicide” is recorded (no release). Murder leave band.

2007: Wrath and Melkor joins the Funeral as guitarist and drummer. Second home-album “From Time of Funeral” is recorded (no release). Wrath and Melkor leave Funeral.

2008: Undead joins as basist. First gig on August 08th, band playing songs from the upcoming album “Ahriman and the Whore of Darkness” and covers of Mayhem and Celtic Frost. Live lineup: Morbid - guitar, Undead - bass, Sergey Nerushak - drums.

2009: “Ahriman and the Whore of Darkness” recorded by Morbid - guitars, vocals, programming, and Undead -bass.

2010: Funeral changed name to Akoman, in honor of the persian demon or daeva of evil mind. Morbid takes the alias Dahak. Search label.

2011: “Zohak (Devil’s Pact)” EP is self-released.

2012: “Ahriman and the Whore of Darkness” is released on November 14th by Satanath Records, limited to 300 copies (SAT016).

Current lineup:

Dahak - guitar, vocals (2005-…)

Undead - bass (2008 - …)