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Alive and Kicking(later known as Alive N Kickin’) is a Brooklyn band, led by singers Pepe Cardona and Sandy Toder, known mainly for their 1970 hit single “Tighter, Tighter” which reached number seven in the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart, and whose chorus was borrowed from Janis Joplin’s previous breakthrough single “Piece of My Heart”. Members of the band included Bruce Sudano, Thomas Woody Wilson (bass guitar), John Parisio (guitar), and Vito Albano (drums, live only).

The major hit for the group came as the pressure of performing drove James to near collapse. He had completed the musical track for the song, which was to be his next solo release, when at the last minute he brought in Alive N Kickin’ and had them do the vocal track instead. The song was written and produced by James and Bob King and arranged by Jimmy Wisner. When the song became a huge hit, the group broke from James and attempted to achieve success on their own, but failed. They broke up soon after.

The group reunited in 1976, and is still active, specializing in parties and weddings. Keyboardist Sudano joined the group Brooklyn Dreams, and later married Donna Summer in July 1980.