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Allyria is a dynamic hard rock band from Tupelo, MS bringing melodic, heavy and unmistakably powerful music to a completely different level. The band has toured with Taproot and Sevendust, currently recording their debut album produced by Justin Thomas from Dark New Day, Faktion and Stereoside, and are an authentic original band of their time. Allyria consists of Jon Horn, Tee Jay Timms, BJ Russell, Jimi Key, and Eddie Warren.

With influences including bands Sevendust, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Alice in Chains, Allyria delivers four-part harmonies, while mastering the creation of hard-driven music and live performances. Their songs are packed with mind-sweeping riffs and edgy, yet soulful vocals, consistently leaving you craving for more.

The group released an EP entitled “What You’ve Been Searching For” July 2008 and the song “Inside You (I Believe), was featured as GarageBand.com’s Hard Rock track of the Day in 2008.

Allyria’s music uniquely separates them apart from hard rock bands by possessing the raw ability to write their own music, producing strong solid tracks with every song delivery. They enjoy telling stories in their songs while trying to find different connections with every person that hears them. With the occasional screams of insanity, mind-blowing guitar riffs and charisma seeping out of this group, Allyria will bring you to the depths of your emotions, leaving you feeling a since of self discovery.