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Alvaro M. Rocha (born 24 February 1975 in Ovar), often known as AMR, is a Portuguese composer, performer, music producer and audio engineer.


At the age of four Alvaro started his first walking steps into the music world at the Academy of Music. He was introduced to learn and play a variety of instruments. And after 15 years of studies Alvaro Rocha finished his formal training and then jumped into learning more about analog and digital electronics and received complementary training in Audio Engineering.

“The Shire” is Alvaro M. Rocha’s first complete musical work which he wrote at the age of six. In 1984, at age nine, he got in contact for the very first time with analog synthesizers. He then got into FM synthesis and later also into wave-samples and granular synthesis.

During the 90's, and due to academic background in Electronics and Computer Science, Alvaro got into digital processing and hard-coded most of a musical theme in C++ long before virtual-analog was a trend. This was his 1994 work titled ”Electricity” and, by the same time he did one other, yet unreleased, titled "Magnetism".

In mid 2012 Alvaro M. Rocha teamed up with mastering engineer João Ganho of “O Ganho Do Som”, a world reference HQ studio, for audiophile recordings to master old and new work for public release.


Although up to 2012 most of Alvaro M. Rocha’s work has been mainly backstage and invisible to the general public, there’re a couple of projects that were made public:

  • 2006 - The Beyond Piano Project
  • 2004 - The 1981 Beijing Opening Concert- Jean Michel Jarre Remastered


Alvaro M. Rocha main course of work is soundtrack works. Depicted informally as a "Portuguese synth wizard" and with a style analogous to the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, AMR fuses Classical music foundations with electronic elements into a not so formal popular music package. An eclectic range of styles usually converging into or diverging from old school vintage analog-electro pop instrumentals and full on epic orchestral works the common denominator is often the melodic component's weight.

Commercial albums and singles

  • The Beyond Piano Project [Album]
  • Stay
  • Feel
  • TP52
  • Electricity
  • Mechanism
  • Syncretism
  • Lift Aoife
  • Goodbye
  • Sail
  • Sleepy

Live versions yet without studio version releases

  • Jubilus
  • Sunset Lagoon
  • Walkabout
  • Oceans of Mars
  • Sea and Foam
  • Mos Eisley
  • The Shire
  • Echoes of Hope
  • Echoes of Everyday
  • Echoes of Silence
  • Raindrops
  • One Sixtieth Of A Degree (One Minute)
  • Anamia
  • Hyperjumps
  • Kaotech
  • Once Upon A Time


Alvaro M. Rocha's studio is located at Park of the Nations in Lisbon, Portugal.


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