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FEBRUARY 2006: After the death of hard rock band called Mistery Motel, that was active since 2002, the remaining members, Nicky, the singer, Randy, guitar player, and Chad, drummer, made up their mind to radically change musical style that distinguished them in the old project, hard & glam & funk & some metal rock ‘n’ roll :), and to concentrate their music creativity into a more defined genre: alternative crossover metal, taking inspiration from bands like Exilia, Flowin Tears and In Flames. Was fundamental, in this decision, the coming of Andrea (already singer in Swedish death metal band “The Wood’s Silence”) as bass player and screamin’& growlin’ backing vocals. Tnx to his contribution, the band starts to rebuild its own new identity, as in music as in styling choices, and so, from ashes of mistakes and victories of the past, Amantyde was born. Amantyde wants to represent the rebirth, the power of the infinitely little one, violence of fragility, contradictions of beauty, strength of weakness… Amantyde is born to redeem itself from its mistakes, to get free from guilt’s oppression, to make a success from its insecurities. Music, lyrics, all of Amantyde band wants to be a tangible demonstration of their own war, their own hope, anger and desperation. That’s why the project is based on the contrast from an extremely feminine voice that, although its clear stamp, heads to expression techniques more than to extension abilities, and a squared music carpet, inexorable, with strong sonorous impact, that extremely marks the rhythm, based on guitar riffs in typical Black Label Society style. This contrast is synthetically expressed when lead vocal and backing male vocals melt in chorus of songs.

MARCH 2006: Site of Band is on-line: www.amantyde.com.

Amantyde make their debut on Sonny Boy’ stage (Treviso). Amantyde record a four - track promo CD, at Groove Studio (Treviso), with in mind to use this promo as an “aperitif” for the coming full length, that they would have recorded in the October of the same year. Promo has been called “Aurora” and is composed from: 01. Rebirth in ice; 02. Dust childhood; 03. Something to trust in; 04. Spitfire. All the tracks (exception made for Dust childhood) have been Mistery Motel’ songs, the only songs that more approached arrival genre of the band, above all “Spitfire” that is considered the song of the definitive passage, a track in full BLS style, made of warm tones and locked rhythms, which words Nicky dedicated to her old guitar player and companion in misfortune, Ake, founder with her of Mistery Motel band. “Something to trust in” has been held in ladder in spite of its typical love ballad classic rock formulation, more for one emotional choice than for a stylistic one. It was the first song written from Nicky and which gave her greater satisfactions in the past. “Dust Childhood” has been the first track composed by Amantyde plan, a simple and directed crossover song, that talk about violence to children. Aurora, once recorded, it has been distributed in next concerts. It has been received with enthusiasm from the public and Shapeless Zine gives it a positive review.

JULY 2006: The group closes the season of concerts momentarily and it is concentrated on the preparation of the album.

AUGUST 2006: As a result of some musical incomprehension, the relationship between Chad the drummer and the rest of the band is concluded momentarily. Remaining Amantyde decide to enter however in studios and to record using drum programming.

OCTOBER 2006: Amantyde enter for two weeks to the Majestic Studios (Venice-Italy), where they record their first album, entitled “Leavit’ all behind”, containing six tracks, of which one a bonus track. Track list is: 01. “Rebirth in ice” (rearranged); 02. “Leavit’ all behind”; 03.“Fallen desires”; 04. “Spitfire”; 05. “Dust childhood” ; 06 “Rock’n’Fuckin Roll” as bonus track. Two songs are opened by an electronic intro, and the rearranging of first track consists above all in having replaced the bridge clean of the previous version with a completely electronic arrangement, and the clean voice is replaced by effects vocals. The choice of introducing in musical picture of the band an interpretation of the electronics, was an already caressed idea, widened also from the will to use a drum machine, and in this album such experimentations find space for their first realization. Beyond to the three songs already in Aurora, completely re-recorded, in the CD appears the track that gives name to the album, that is “Leavit all behind”, a track much beloved to the band, which lyrics has been written by Nicky and Andrea to represent the difficulties that every single member has to face because of their own chases of changing, as in professional, as in personal point of view. Track n.3 is, instead, the new slow one of Amantyde: “Fallen Desires” is a ballad that has let go old hard rock memories and is born in pure Amantyde style. Bonus track, “Rock’n’Fuckin’ Roll”, on the contrary, has been recorded and intentionally inserted in the album to represent the essence of the old plan and that it wants to honour and not to deny the past: a 70’s hard rock song, which final intention is to de-dramatize, and to contradict eternally the dark, angry and sometimes melancholic atmosphere of the rest of the album. Beyond to six tracks in the CD, band record also two unreleased, that will be published in a second moment. The official exit of “Leavit all behind” is for Jan 2007.

NOVEMBER 2006: Fortunately band and Chad the drummer exceeds the tensions that removed them to him, and he returns playing with Amantyde, reconstructing a friendship that lasts from three years.

JANUARY 2007: Amantyde start a collaboration with distribution label No!Records, that will sell the EP in Portugal and will promote it in whole Europe.

FEBRUARY 2007: Amantyde sign a contract with “Top Records” (indie label from Milan, Italy). A division of this label, “Dive Art Promotion”, will promote the band and their album in Italy and Europe through radios, zines and live events.

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