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Angles refers to multiple artists:

1. Swedish jazz sextet made up of Johan Berthling (bass), Kjell Nordeson (drums), Magnus Broo (trumpet), Martin Küchen (alto saxophone), Mats Äleklint (trombone), Mattias Ståhl (vibraphone). The group just released their latest record, “Every Woman is a Tree” (Clean Feed, 2008). Described by Clean Feed: Angles “spans the artificial divisions imposed between the ‘new’ and the ‘old’ improvising schools. His radical extended techniques, such as in the sonic use of saliva, are fundamental for the abstract, textural constructions on his solo album ‘Homo Sacer.’ Although these techniques address sound itself rather than music as conventionally considered, Küchen is first of all a free jazz player. Küchen the free jazz artist is in fact what we find on ‘Every Woman is a Tree.’ It is free jazz with a post-bop twist, profiting from contributions from some of the most interesting musicians on the Scandinavian scene.”

2. Angles is a one-man post-rock band. Formerly three-piece, then two, and now one, Paul Chapman has continually sought to reinterpret, redefine, re-imagine, and altogether rejuvenate his sound in a continuing effort to create beautiful art. Layering rich melodies that will intertwine themselves through the lush ambient path already laid on a sonic canvas. All said and done, his genuine hope is that not just songs are being forged but a beautiful environment as well.