«Anomalia Nativa» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Anomalia Nativa is a musical duo (from Macedonia), of the artists Anakreont xy and Andrejnalin. Their style of music is affected by various influences, starting from Jungle/drum and bass, through hip-hop, breakbeat, dub, to classical sound. These influences come from their past and current engagements in the music.

Anakreont xy (Dragan Ivanov) is long-time worker as a producer and musician in the Macedonian hip-hop, and left a mark with many famous pieces. He understands the musical genres, not as a barrier, but as a liberation, thus, in his hip-hop pieces he includes drum and bass elements, and vice-versa, in his drum and bass pieces he includes hip-hop elements.

His passion towards drum and bass connects him with Andrejnalin.

Andrejnalin (Andrej D.) is a long-time worker as a musician, producer and drum and bass DJ. His works travel through various genres and styles, and, like Anakreont xy, he publicly stated disrespect for genre barriers.