«Archagathus» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Archagathus are a mincecore band from winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that have managed to make an impact on the mincegore genre almost overnight. Having already released split 7“‘s with Unholy Grave, Mesrine and the godfathers of Mince, Agathocles, as well as having split 7“‘s with bands like SMG, Putrescence and many more coming out soon, as well as a series of Cassette splits on the way, they are well on the way to establishing themselves in the mincecore genre. Archagathus played their first show in Summer 2007. Current Discography: Mincecore Demo CS - 2005 Split 7” with Unholy Grave - 2006 (jerk off/to live a lie/sir punkly/NBBQ) Split 7” with Mesrine - 2006 (bucho discos records) Split 7” with Agathocles - 2007 (haunted hotel/wax monolith records) Split CS with Sengaya - 2007 (don’t fear the night) Split 7” with SMG (raw noise/nihilus/deep one records) Split CD with Kerena Neko (pissed off records)