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Arkhaion is a unique creation in ambiental fields - a project that blends choral and symphonic soundscapes with dark and mystic atmosphere, themed with ancient mythology that questions today’s view mankind’s history and civilization as a linear progression from one single point of about 8,000 years ago, positing instead a view of cyclical, repeating pattern of civilization development that started approximately 100,000 years ago.

Heroic/mythical dark ambient inspired with themes like Paleocontact, Atlantean ancestry of human race, and worldwide myths and legends that tell about the ‘Golden Age’ of civilization, an allegorical Heaven, before the descent into primitivism (Cro-magnon Age) which was caused by titan catastrophic event of vast magnitude that shook the Earth to the core.

Official homepage: http://arkhaion.wordpress.com

Ordering of releases: http://arkhaion.bandcamp.com

The short story and introduction:

“Human history is not what is seems for the majority of modern people today. There’s no evolutionary and progressive history of development. The primitive modern science can only suppose that it all started about 8000-6000 years B.C. The raven darkness of this delusion is penetrated by a theory that is talking about cyclic models of development: up until 13.000-10.000 years B.C. the humanity was at the peak of cosmic growth and highest development, and then mysteriously vanished into the oblivion of the Flood. All myths and heroic eposes, ciphered and allegorical, tell about those times, ages of heroes and high kings. In those times there was a different race on Earth… A race which we now call - the Gods.”