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Arling & Cameron (sometimes 'A&C') are a Dutch electronic music duo, composed of Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron.

Their music draws from French pop, spy movie themes, lounge, '70s light rock, Japanese Shibuya-kei and other music genres that are often associated with kitsch. Their beat-driven pop collages might recall Pizzicato Five or Cornelius.

Their musical partnership began in 1994, inspired by the Shibuya-kei kitsch-pop deconstructionists that had emerged in Japan several years earlier. They held "Easy Tune" parties around Amsterdam that year; from those performances they culled singles which they released under a variety of pseudonyms (16 in all, including "Popcorn" and "Aloha Sisters") on Cameron's Drive-In/Easy Tune label. Collaborations with Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Bebel Gilberto followed soon after. In 1998 label Emperor Norton released their Voulez Vous EP in the United States as well as their debut album, All-In, in 1999.

In 2000, Arling & Cameron released Music for Imaginary Films, a collection of theme songs for nonexistent movies and TV shows. A year later, they released their third album, We Are A&C, a dance-pop record drawing stylistically from smooth R&B, psych, Krautrock and tropicalia-tinged lounge.


  • Sound Shopping (1998)
  • All-In (1999)
  • Music For Imaginary Films (February 2000)
  • We are A & C (August 2001)
  • Hi-Fi Underground (September 2006)