«Azz and the ASBOs» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Azz and the ASBOs started their existence in the summer of 2007 in Pontfadog, Wales. The band consists of Arron ‘Azz’ Kuiper , Jake Baines and Lloyd ‘Noyd’ Thomas .

After a few attempts at jamming, Arron Kuiper brought in his own material to work on. This raw music was mainly created in Azz’s room on acoustic guitar, explaining the heavy presence of acoustic sound, chords structures and non-linear timing in many songs. Lloyd Thomas and Jake Baines had worked together in acts previously for a short time. The three came together in this group and fused into the great act they are today.

The name has been, and still is, under discussion and debate. While still searching for the infamous ‘one word’ name, such as “Muse” and “Placebo”, they’ve settled on happy alternatives like the purposely ironically pretentiousness of “The Operation Project” and onto the current name “Azz and the ASBOs” which is subject to changes in its terms and conditions (a little example there of what the next name could be).

After failed, yet persistent, attempts to record their own material on a Boss system the ASBOs asked for the help of Dan Morris, who swiftly chose to help - much to the delight of the three procrastinating musicians. Many stoned recording sessions ensued mainly at Lloyd’s house though sometimes venturing over the hills to Mr. Morris’ place. After some major disasters and after some minor tweaks, the EP is 99.9% complete, yet the ASBOs stress it is still a work in progress.

And so, we come to Easter 2010. The ASBOs movement in the music-scene is unchanged and unmoving. Mainly due to two of the members, being in the second years of their retrospective Universities spread across the UK. However, their malice will not go unresolved with gigs lined up for summer 2010, Azz and the ASBOs are set to make an unmoveable stain on the music-scene of the North-West of the United Kingdom.