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There are at least 3 bands called B-Film.

1: B-Film is the ad-hoc combination of Humanworkshop artists Leisure-B and Tonfilm. As B-Film, both gentleman have once performed in the Velvet Club in Frankfurt, Germany, in April 2008 and have released the illegal remix of Burnt Friedman’s remix of Nine Horses “The Banality of Evil”. For more information visit http://www.humanworkshop.com

2: B-Film is the solo project of 21 year old, Australian multi-instrumentalist/producer Paul Luttrell. Paul tends to write whatever he feels like at the time, enjoys it for a few brief moments, then hates it to pieces, then writes something else. Blind People’s Dreams is an 11 track album made up of the songs that Paul could bear to listen to after this brief moment of enjoyment had expired. BPD is filled with layers upon layers of lead and backing vocals that flow over effects laden instrumentation and hip hop drum beats. For the entire album go to: b-film.bandcamp.com

Singles off the album include: Familiar Flair, Red Velvet.

3 -B-Film is an Unknown Garage/Dark surf band few have their songs

few are lucky