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binalog freq is a 38 years old greek electronic artist.”vinyl eater” for more than 25 years,binalog is a well respected record collector,owning thousands of vinyls,cd’s,tapes and,of course,digital archives.he’s an expert in black music(hip-hop pioneer in greece,as well as “funk professor”,due to his deep knowledge of the genre),as much as he is in electronic music,”being there” from the late 70’s/early 80’s experimentalists (such as portion control, 23 skidoo, 400 blows, cabaret voltaire, clock dva, hula, spk, throbbing gristle etc.) ,to the detroit techno explosion,90’s IDM,today’s amalgamations of sounds.by march 2007,in collaboration with three old friends,dedicated music fans,too,binalog took his passion for electro one step further,by launching a web radio station,as 1/4 of i-radio portal raydio.gr.the station with the significant name “binalog frequency”(binary+analogue=binalog!) very soon achieved cult status,not surprisingly as it features rare(in cases…extremely rare!)experimental tracks from the past,all the techno/electro/industrial sounds you…need and the most complete greek electronic music library.anyway,”binalog frequency” and its home “raydio” continue to grow day by day,counting thousands of demanding listeners worldwide,so binalog thought it was time to make another step,that of expressing his artistic annoys,fact that led him to release material old and new,written,processed and produced by him.in an effort to break in a wider than his…pals audience,he first created a,so far succesful,page on myspace(myspace.com/binalogfreq) and,as a logical follow up,he uploaded versions of four of his forthcoming cd tracks here on last.fm.enjoy,people!