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Victor Hugo defines melancholy as „the pleasure of being sad“. Jobst M. Feit experiences a similar

feeling as he buys his first Elliott Smith record at his favorite record store in 1999. The saddest lyrics

embedded in the most beautiful music. A gentle suffering and at the same time a promise of being

whole again.

Impressed by the addicting impact of these songs, the wish to write his own music comes into

existence for the first time. A need that will take some time to really come to fruition. Some years are

spent playing in several noisy bands and being inspired by the DIY ethic of early punk and hardcore.

Since 2007 minimalistic songs are written and played to tiny audiences using the alias of Black Ribbon.

Stories about being hurt and hoping to find solace.

The first album „Out To The Light“ is released on NKRC in December 2011. Jobst M. Feit plays

guitar, sings and takes care of all the other things as well.