«Blake» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are at least nine bands / artists with the name “Blake”:

1) A Finnish Stoner metal band

2) A Canadian Math rock band.

3) A Singer/Songwriter from England.

4) A Danish Pop band.

5) An alternative rock band from Austria.

6) A crossover group formed in Facebook.

7) An Italian punk band

8) The band Hey Monday was formerly known as Blake.

9) Former singer Blake Overstreet from Oklahoma

1) stoner metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 2001.

Blake’s first and foremost inspiration is 70’s style riff tradition, ingeniously complemented with heavy duty roots blues and topped with progressive psychedelia. Once formed in 2001, Blake has released four highly appreciated albums and the latest one, named “Sa7urnus” after the planet Saturn, was released through Stay Heavy Records on 12th November 2008.

Besides the extraordinarily intense studio sessions, Blake has also stacked up a tally of hundreds of gigs. Namely, the band has performed with various groups such as Black Label Society (USA), Cathedral (UK), Therapy? (IE), Mustasch (SWE) and Iggy Pop (USA). On top of that, Blake featured in HIM’s Helldone Festival line up in consecutive years of 2006 and 2007.

Furthermore, the history of Blake contains plenty of praise and reputation. Bam Margera used three Blake songs in his previous “Viva La Spring Break” TV show. The singer of Therapy?, Andy Cairns, nominated Blake as the next big heir of the Black Sabbath tradition.

Current band members are:

Aaro Seppovaara (vocals/guitar)

Sami Hassinen (guitar)

Kari “Korak” Reini (drums)

Antero Aunesluoma (bass)

They’ve released 7 full-length albums and 6 singles:
Fireroot in 2002
Starbringer in 2004
Planetizer in 2005
Saturnus in 2008
Haze Parade in 2010
Shelter in 2011
Taste Of Voodoo in 2013

Their official site is www.blake.fi.

2) A Math rock band of the late 90s from Canada. their sound was intricate, noisy and ahead of its time.

3) Blake is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Birmingham, England. Blake was the frontman in the English indie four-piece Karmatruffle who enjoyed a run in the indie charts in 2005 with their Blake-penned single ‘She’s Not All That’. After the release of Karmatruffle’s debut album, ‘What You Do Comes Back To You’, Blake left the band to pursue a solo career. To date he has released ten solo albums: ‘Solomon’s Tump’ (2003), ‘Final Whistle’ (2006), ‘Carruthers Gets Bashed’ (2007), ‘By The Banks Of The A350’ (2007), “Antheology” (2008), ‘Latest Pop Sounds’ (2010), ‘The Parousia’ (2010), ‘A Taste Of Blake’ (2010), ‘The First Snow’ (2011), ‘Stay Human’ (2012). Website: http://www.thisisblake.com

4) Blake - Danish Pop band

Formed in 2007

Blake’s music recalls the darker side of cabaret - typified by Weimar Berlin - spiced with elements of organic pop. Sophisticated pop songs in elegant, simple, yet powerful arrangements, played with freshness and a touch of glamour. With music that echoes the work of John Lennon, Kate Bush and The Carpenters, Blake shifts between recognizable influences and a completely personal sound.

First single Hey Sister was released in October 2008.

The band is touring with Saybia October/November 2008

5) An Austrian indie/alternative rock band formed in 2001. Their sound is influenced by bands like Sonic Youth, Elliott Smith and Shellac. The bands official page is blakenet.at, videos and music can be found on their Myspace-Page.

6) Blake are a classical crossover group. The members are Stephen Bowman, Jules Knight, Dominic Tighe and Ollie Baines. They were formed in 2007 after meeting on the social networking site Facebook.

Their first album, And So It Goes, was released in September 2008.