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Borndays were formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2005. Having started off producing music heavily infuenced by intelligent pop they have re-invented themselves after extended periods in the rehearsal studio. Now they are more focussed, tighter, louder and aggressive. On stage drum kits get jumped on, guitars get swung, chourus’ get belted out and sticks get broken. It’s fast high energy stuff.

Now into their second year together Borndays have gathered more than enough material to put together their debut album. Surfacing from the rehearsal sessions have come the highly sought after Closer and Miracle demos. Currently under construction this aims to be essential listening in late 2007 / early 2008. Firstly however will come a single during the hot heat of the summer. Comprised of tracks available in demo format on their MySpace and Bebo pages the band have begun recording the CD versions with producer Brian Murphy. Filming has just finished for their track Closer to spearhead their video debut. Shot by Dublin design team Conor & David it’s set to break new ground in budget video making combining simple techniques with technological advances.

They played the prestigious Fringe Festival in Scotland in 2006 and an after show party in a restaurant which resulted in a mini riot.


“one of the finer live acts doing the rounds across Dublin”.