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There are several bands called Butcher; for Dutch band The Butcher, see http://www.last.fm/music/The+Butcher

1) Butcher was a UK punk band. They emerged from the second wave of punk bands that spawned in the UK around the year 82

.They released 2 demos, a self titulated ep and “Stand and fight” ep in 1982 and 1983 respectively.

They also featured 2 songs on the UK82 compilation record “A kick up the arse” from 1983 , as well as one track on the UK82 compilation “Religious As Hell” in 1986.

2)Butcher is a German beatdown hardcore Band. They released a DIY Demo in 2008.


3) Butcher is also a hardcore/metal band from Subotica, Serbia. Butcher Tribe is group of band members,friends,and other underground musicians and artists from Subotica,Serbia recognizable by B tattoo.

4) Butcher is a progressive rock band that was formed in North Hollywood in 2001 by Camella Grace and Sasha Popovic. Combining Camella’s powerful yet ethereal vocals with their shared love of heavy music and monster riffs, they created the unique sound that is Butcher.

In early 2005, Butcher headed to the California desert and went into the studio with their good friend and producer, Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Unida) to record their first album entitled Auricle. The recording process spanned several months and combined input from several musician friends including Scott Reeder, Ben Sherazi (Lotus Eater), Vince DeFranco and Blair MacKenzie Blake and Phil Trujeque. Scott Reeder officially joined the band on bass after the recording of “Auricle” was completed. In October 2006 the band announced they were looking for a new bass player since Scott Reeder couldn’t balance a 180 mile round trip to practice and back…

Butcher, consisting of Camella Grace, Sasha Popovic and Phillip Trujeque (2007)— are currently writing material for a full-length album.

5) Butcher is a Thrash Metal band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They were featured on Cogumelo’s Warfare Noise III compilation with the tracks Frontier of Chaos and Quest. As well as releasing four demos, Butcher also released a full length album, Astral Karma, in 1993.

6) 80’s punk band from France

7) Straight heavy metal band from Arizona, USA. They ‘ve released two albums: the “Iron Tiger” (1996) and the “Welcome to the Night” (2010).