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So just how crucial is it that a band lives up to and embodies its catchy moniker? It’s a good bet that thousands of fans who have been rocking to the explosive, hard hitting Rochester, New York based Candella haven’t boned up on the scientific origin of the name. Take away that extra “L” and you’ve got the base unit of luminous intensity—that is, power emitted by a light source in a particular direction. The term is the perfect metaphor for the high energy foursome’s upward ascent in the indie music world and the infectious glow they’ve cast on audiences with their lush, driving sound and dark-edged, no holds barred lyrics. Since breaking onto the scene in 2007, Candella—frontman Lee Goodale, lead guitarist Mike Bassett, drummer Mike DeReu and bassist Mike “Red” Vesely have been an exciting Northeast regional success story, building a solid following on the strength of countless gigs in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and surrounding areas. Candella’s highly anticipated first project at Studio 1502 is their soon to be released new five-song EP Self-Inflicted. While the band recorded the raw tracks for the songs at their facility, they sent them off to be developed, mixed and mastered by a few of the modern rock world’s top producers and engineers. Master cuts were mixed by Rae DiLeo (whose credits include Filter, Army of Anyone and Veruca Salt) and co-produced by Faultline Productions in Hollywood, guided by producers Brian Diemar, writing and production partners with Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy. The set was mastered by Maor Appelbaum, who has worked with Tool and System of a Down. With Goodale’s powerful vocals backed by Vesely’s solid, catchy harmonies and dark sludgy bass riffs, Bassett’s melodic guitar riffs and DeReu’s solid assault on the drums, the band officially transformed from a “garage band” to a respected act in a genre rich with talent. Yet countless shows, regular radio rotation and a growing and fiercely loyal following of Candella fans, their journey is just beginning. Forging ahead, Candella will be following Self-Inflicted with a full length album later in 2009 and, after focusing mostly on recording over the past year, is currently lining up many high profile festival and tour dates throughout their home region and beyond. “We’re planning to get out there with the same passion we’ve brought to so many of our fans in the past, and we’re really excited about these new projects, our new studio and taking our careers to the next level,” says Goodale. “We love the recording process, but nothing tops that personal connection with the audience when they’re singing along to our songs and then sharing so many of their own personal stories with us based on the emotion they’re feeling. We’re very serious about making great music, but we are also good friends who love just hanging around with each other. We all have great senses of humor and enjoy having fun. It’s been a great ride so far, and this is an exciting time for all of us.”