«Celestial» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Celestial is a Chillout Project by Peter Milward based with Asian Influences from China,Nepal,Tibet and others.Is an exelent recomendation for fans of Enigma and Deep Forest.

The name Celestial belongs to several different bands/artists.

Celestial is the work of Andreas Hagman from Örebro, Sweden. He plays shoegaze/indiepop with jangly guitars, sweet melodies and soft vocals.

Celestial (Aus) were a now-defunct thrash/death metal band from Sydney, Australia. The band was formed from ex-members of several NSW heavy metal bands, and released one demo CD before the lineup fractured.

Celestial was also a finnish power metal band formed in 1998, but later had a name change to Celesty.

In 1999 they recorded their first demo, and later recorded another one called “Warrior Of Ice”.

Now they’ve released 3 albums, Reign Of Elements (2002), Legacy Of Hate (2003) and Mortal Mind Creation (2006). Celesty also appeared on the Helloween tribute “The Keepers Of Jericho”.

Also another finnish band by the name Celestial existed. They played christian rock and released only one demo before breaking up.

Celestial is also a goa/psytrance project by Alexander Church & Phil Joyce

Celestial is a Hong Kong based Electronic/Dub band.