«Celmlauzis» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

One of several sound- and thought-mutations of (now-defunct) project of Galantkrach. Emerged some time around summer of 2008 during making of CD/Zine under the name “BAUR”.

Specializes mostly in Hard Ambient and Baur Wave. Performs in studios for private audiences as well as for general public in bigger venues. Main fields of sonic exploration include experiments with raw waveforms, wildlife recordings, radio, algorithmic compositional methods, application of different sociocybernetic models and feedback mechanisms to the various elements of a synthesized music.

The artist has performed in a number of underground electronic music gatherings in Latvia, and abroad as well as played together with few other artists, namely, Auschwitz, Ballet Rachitis, Konstrukcija, Ēnas uz sienām, Rezonators, Шумы России.

Some tracks can be downloaded at the official site.