«Centuria» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are multiple artists named Centuria:

1) Centuria is an ethereal wave band from Poland, formed in 1998 by Anna Wojtkowiak (vocals), Jarosław Baran (guitar, keyboards, samples) and D.a.n.y (drums, percussion, samples).

Their debut album, titled “Dreams And Feelings”, was released in 2000. Lead vocalist Anna Wojtkowiak provides the central texture to the album with soaring vocals above the richly arranged keyboard parts.

2) Centuria is a rac band from Seville, Spain. They have released an album titled “¿…Y qué…?” on their own E.C.A. label.

3) Centuria is an alternate name used by Centuria City for their “Backlash E.P.”.