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Cezary Duchnowski born 1971 in Elbląg in Poland. Duchnowski is a composer, pianist, performer and lecturer. He helped found the Studio of Computer Composition at the Academy of Music, Wrocław. He is also a co-founder of the interdisciplinary artistic group “Morphai”. Electroacoustic music has been the focus of his artistic activity for the past few years. This is connected with the need to interfere deeper with the sound matter. Hence the use of the computer, an instrument whose open potential to a large degree helps discover a new aspect of the elementary properties of music which is not burdened with any extra-musical content. Apart from composing a specific time-space, the instruments themselves can be ‘composed’ here. Such a situation allows for an encounter with the essence of music. It makes it possible to shape its point of departure which is at the same time its conditio sine qua non - the sound which is in itself of an individual character. It is the sound which constitutes the indivisible substance of which the musical being consists. The sound is, like Leibnitz’s monad, a closed cosmos.