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First known as The Sonics. Reformed around 1969 as Chicory Tip. Signed with CBS Records. Band members: Peter Hewson (vocals), Rick Foster (guitar/moog), Barry Mayger (bass), Brian Shearer (drums), Rod Cloutt (guitar). The first few singles didn’t do very well but their 1971 release “Excuse Me Baby” got them their first appearance on UK, BBC Top Of The Pops. In February 1972, studio manager, Roger Easterby secured their first hit song, “Son Of My Father”, written by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. One of the first recordings to feature the moog synthesizer. The song made number one on the UK charts for 3 weeks and stayed in the charts for another 13 weeks. Two other hit singles followed, “What’s Your Name” and “Good Grief Christina”. Their fourth release “Cigarettes, Women and Wine” was a hit in Europe but failed to make the UK charts because of a BBC Radio 1 ban on the reference to smoking. They disbanded in 1975, but later reformed to play on the 1970’s nostalgia revival circuit. They still perform in Kent, UK.