«Chocolate Tannoy» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Chocolate Tannoy is the solo project of Ian Sanderson, one half of Urban Myth Club. it is his fifteenth release in a long career spanning more than twenty years.

From an early age he composed and improvised on the piano, was drawn in to multi-track recording in the late seventies, built primitive synthesizers with electronics in the 80’s, played the saxophone and drums in early projects and developed a love of electronic guitars. influenced heavily by his families long involvement with classical music and Jazz but infused with his own passion for synthesizers, Ian cut his own path through popular music. Though well hidden and mostly undocumented, his influence has been widespread with a long list of well known artists.

Chocolate Tannoy continues to experiment with Electronic music production and organic processes, crafting sculptures in sound and creating rich filmic textures.