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My music is like a living, throbbing, intense, color-filled, deep light-experience that I can actually feel, and almost see and touch from the inside. And it often, usually on a daily basis explodes into my mind in random formations, anywhere from high-voltage Rock and Roll songs to Acoustic Pop ballads and deep Classical movements, and many times I literally do not know where they came from.”

Born May 1st, 1962 in Hollywood, California, Christopher’s musical heritage is apparantly just as profound as his musical creations.

His father, world-renowned singer-songwriter and record producer Gene McDaniels, having spent a good deal of time on the Pop music charts in the early 1960’s, as well as writing the number one hit “Feel like making love” that such great artists as D’Angelo have recorded and many others keep recording to this day.

After leaving home at the tender age of 16, Christopher spent a year studying at Berklee college of music in Boston, where his brother London was enrolled at the time.

After reaching near-virtuoso status as a young drummer, Christopher went on to study piano, electric bass, and then later the electric and acoustic guitar, which would eventually become his primary instrument next to his unmistakably beautiful, strong and passionate singing voice.

Moving from Boston back to Hollywood, he formed the group “Carerra” (Warner Bros.), later changing the band’s name to “World Citizenz” (Manhattan/Capitol).

After the group’s break-up in 1987, Christopher had a chance run-in with Producer Nile Rodgers on L.A.’s chic (no pun intended) Melrose avenue.

“Aside from being one of the major reasons that I moved to New York City, Nile Rodgers was already one of my greatest musical heroes, and I had the great fortune to have him produce my debut album with me for EMI while I was simultaneously signed as a songwriter to Sony Music Publishing.”

At this stage in his career, Christopher was making what he would term “Electro-Funk-Pop”, characteristic of the late 80’s-early 90’s music scene.

…”I did it as a way to get on the charts, and it worked. But it slowly dawned on me that I had sacrificed the Rocker and deep music composer in myself to satisfy the commercial powers that be at the record label at the time, he quotes.

“I grew my hair, moved to Woodstock and started writing Psychedelic Rock music, much more in line with the influences that I grew up listening to as a kid like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, and incorporating the production skills I had learned from working with Nile Rodgers.”

With Woodstock being what he now considers his spiritual home, Christopher has remained 100% faithful to his singing, his songwriting, his guitar playing and roots to this day, and continues to write, record and rehearse continuously. Christopher is living in the Netherlands at this moment and looking for a new record deal.