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Scotland born Chucki Wilson is a singer/songwriter based in New Zealand.

Chucki originally started performing in bands in the early 80’s as lead singer and contributing songwriter for Broken Edge who, together for only 2 years, were asked to submit a song to a local compilation LP ‘All Dressed Up & No Place To Play’. This was the brain child of Russell Crowe, (yes the actor) then known as Russ Le Roq, who gathered the bands via his all ages nightclub The Venue and with the help of well know producer Bill Lattimer put together this compilation which is available on iTunes.

Following his Heavy Metal heart, in 1984 Chucki joined Black Diamond, a formative version of what was to become the marginally successful Nine Livez, but left after a few months when drugs and alcohol stunted any form of growth.

After recording backing vocals for an EP release by local New Wave/Alt Rockers The Buckets Full, Chucki joined the band as roadie, lighting, security and dogs body for mant gigs and several small out of town excursions.

After a brief stint in classic rock covers band Jura, Chucki finally found a band that fit perfectly with his Metal influences both musically and visually. Despiser was a wild 4 piece Metal band hwavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Kiss, the band were together for 2 and half years and performed many gigs with a stage show that included throwing meat, hanging the grim reaper, decapitating the grim reaper, spraying the crowd with blood, as well as the requisite, but rarely locally seen, smoke and flash pots.

The band had the infamous distinction of being the only group to be banned from the roughest pub in West Auckland.

A fan of bands such as Kiss, Queen, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sabbath, Zep, Purple, Motorhead and more, Chucki was never one eyed and loved bands like The Who, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Blondie, XTC, Cheap Trick and many more artists well outside the Metal spectrum, including ABBA, Bee Gees, The Beatles, The Bangles, The Tubes, Billy Joel, Tangerine Dream and Bruce Springsteen.

In 1990 after a final “Despiser Reunion” Chucki formed Roadrunner with the former bass player from Despiser and eventually recruited a former member of premiere Auckland Metal band Stonehenge on guitar.

Roadrunner did several demos and gigged constantly, playing a semi tongue in cheek brand of Alt Rock/Post Punk/Metal Funk which was strongly influenced by Faith No More, Janes Addiction and Anthrax/.

The band came close to success several times, but never quite broke through and after two appearances on TV’s Yahoo kids show in 1992 the band split up.

Since then Chucki has been more prolific with songwriting, picking up guitar and with advent of digital recording, has demoed well over 120 songs of varying genres, reflecting everything from Sabbathesque Metal to ark Depeche Mode style Pop, sweet acoustic ballads to dark Manson and Slipknot influenced Industrial and Metal, even Alice Cooper style Rock, through to electropop and ambient instrumentals.

Most recently Chucki tried to build a functioning band around a rock/punk project called Celebrity Dollhouse. The band survived 3 rehearsals and one gig.

Chucki continues to write and record and is currently working on a more commercial, 80’s hair rock sound, just to keep things fresh for himself and once again explore an avenue of writing he has not worked on before and is also working on a personal memoir.