«CoffeeTrim» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Coffeetrim is a remixer and producer who has been coming up with an unexpected series of fresh releases during these years. This underground-multi-flavoured artist is the man behind such production as “Blue Way – feat. Furious Stereo”, “Norine Sessions – Be Brave club mix”, “N.E.S – No Entertainment Sister” and “Open Your Eyes – Long Island Remix”. Although his releases boost a strong and unmistakable Breaks/Urban accent, he is far to be categorizable. The attitude to change and mixing several styles has given to Coffeetrim a place in the most popular underground music community in the USA, UK, Brazil and Japan.

Johnny, the name behind the Coffeetrim name, began listening hip hop in the mid-‘90s while attending the art school. It was only after experiencing the effect of the decks that Johnny begun producing tracks in his bedroom studio during 1995; he has gravitated toward the digital music development before moving on to dj modules and synthesizers.

During the late ‘90s he finally managed to released his first mix tape for an unsigned label,

however it is through CCMixter (2005) that Coffeetrim begin getting positive feedback from the international audience.

Coffeetrim’s last releases, alongside “Keep It Going – feat. Tristano”, sum up in certain way the result of his technical research throughout these years.