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There are more than two bands with this name:

1. The argentinian 70’s rock band

2. The spanish latin beat band

Color Humano, two words that can only vaguely describe this groups’s reality. You’ll need to see them in action to convince yourself that you are dealing with a band that transcends their musical genre. From Color Humano to human warmth, there’s little more than a single step.

Thanks to a solid musical basis, Color Humano were able to create their own suitable style. Nervous funky riffs that are relieved by a breaking off harmonica, supported by a powerful, diabolic percussion/ drum/ bassguitar trio, became their brand. Now, if that was all, it would already be quite a lot. But then you wouldn`t be taking the bands` real power into account: commited lyrics accompanied by a whistling voice that give the band its meaning. Because Color Humano has a soul.

Color Humano is the answer to all the evils of our generation: lack of interest, injustice, rejection, individualism, AIDS… Nevertheless, in times of bands, which limit themselves only to complaints, these six clever guys wake us up, question our beliefs and lay the finger on the open wound. You have to see José, the singer, in action. Noone can evade him. He seeks out the gaze of every single person. He (?), while he explains what is wrong in this oppressing, complicated world. Life can be so short and simple: “Cómete la vida, cómetala!” There are no compromises.

Color Humano, the clamp and the sign. Their past is the living proof.

And how they’ve evolved since the birth of this collective! With members from France and Spain, Color Humano first saw the light of day seven years ago in Paris in a squat. They called themselves Moscowa at first, after the name of the squat. Partly consisting of former members of the Mano Negra, the new-born Color Humano recorded their first album there. Provocative and hot. Two others followed, deliciously electrifying. And their colleagues couldn`t be wrong: the pianist joined Dusminguet and Manu Chao/ Radio Bemba invited the drummer to join them. Nowadays, Color Humanos` style is more refined and controlled, because a band symbolises a dynamic process. It has to regenerate ceaselessly to stay alive and to enrich the style. The group spent several weeks in the Chiapas to share music and lyrics in the revolutionary forum of an incredibly rich culture. Proof enough that this collective is global, without a fixed geographical location, united by the passion for music and by a generous humanitarian conception.

Records - Color Humano [up]

Moscowa libre (1995 Tralla - Album)

Hambre de vida (1997 Tralla - Album)

Burundanga (1999 Edel - Album)

Main contributions - Color Humano [up]

Para Todos Todo Nada Para Nosotros (1997 Gridalo Forte Records - Compilation)

Radical Mestizo (1999 Revelde Discos - Compilation)

Fuerza Vol.1 (2000 Virgin - Compilation)

Lumbalú: Me Voy con el Gusto (2001 Ventilador Music - Album)

Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color) (2008 - Compilation)