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Coquettish is a high-energy ska/hardcore punk band that originally formed in Tokyo, Japan, in 1998, and currently operates chiefly in the underground music scene of Tokyo. Their first single, Total Pops Madness, was released in the US by Asian Man Records in 2000, and they released their first full album, High Energy Politics, produced by Dan from The Suicide Machines, in Japan in 2004, with a 2005 release in the US and France by Asian Man Records and Guerilla Asso, respectively. The band, as a whole, draws substantial influence from the punk band The Suicide Machines, with 3 of the 4 current members citing them as a favorite band.

Current lineup, as of October 2006, consists of:

Hizde - Vocals

Taichi - Bass

Makoto - Guitar

Muta (aka Muta-Boy) - Drums