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There are at least two bands named Costa Del Sol:


Costa del Sol is a rock/blues/garage band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007.

As for the lineup:
Joel Tiger (Rhythm Guitar), Anton Strandberg (Drums), Leo Konstenius (Bass Guitar), Axel Hultman(Lead Guitar) and Anton Spetze(Vocals).

In the year of 2006 Spetze and Strandberg came up with an idea they describe as “utterly brilliant” - they wanted to start a “cool rock ‘n’ roll band”. One year passed until the two former classmates teamed up with yet another friend from the same school - Konstenius - and Tiger who knew Strandberg from school.

Hultman jonied up on a later stage a contributed in directing the band into a more serious track. The band name, Costa del Sol was at first rejected, but due to difference in opinions over what the new name would be Costa del Sol was revived. A demo has been recorded but as of now the band remain unsigned.

Free tracks can be “torrented” at their Offical Myspace website, [url= www.myspace.com/costadelsolband] www.myspace.com/costadelsolband.


Costa del Sol is what remains of a 4 year band out of Rochester, NY (Biermann Electric.) With its beginnings in punk rock, the band has evolved into a very different form than when it started.

Today, Costa del Sol is in limbo, with all its members living in different parts of the country, but is an ongoing project between Jake and Lu, the founding fathers of the CdS legacy.