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The history of the Cursed Slaughter begins in mid-2009 with the entry of Dan Pacheco (former K-verna, Dark Age) on vocals and Edgar Barros (former K-verna, Ghaldra) on bass, in the band Hellsoul (Slayer Cover). The formation of the band at the time was Rodrigo Silva on drums, his brother Ricardo Silva and William “Deathraiser” on guitars.

After several concerts in São Paulo and minor cities, Ricardo and Rodrigo start writing their own stuff, since they were already worn out of playing Slayer cover for 4 years and decided to form a new band.

They Invited to join the line-up Hellsoul’s Dan and Edgar.

Dan brought in his voice a strong influence of punk and thrash metal that caught the attention of the brothers, since they had great admiration for the world’s Crossover scene.

Dan would soon join the compositions through the collaboration of the vocal melodies and lyrics.

Together, Dan, Ricardo and Rodrigo (who also takes over the drums in the band Infected) composed 2 songs for what would be a mini first show of the Cursed Slaughter at the Relicario bar.

After this show Edgar begins to walk away from the band for personal reasons. Although they present themselves a few times with William on bass, and continue to compose the material for the demo …Hate Evolution…

Less than a year after forming the band they went into Lumen studios to record their first demo with the production and mixing of Caio Schmid.

Shortly after the release of the demo, Fernando Millan comes to strike down the bass of Cursed Slaughter.

The purpose of the band is to bring all the influence of Thrash Metal to Crossover, looking for a difference across the aggressiveness triggered by Ricardo riffs, a insane battery by Rodrigo, the striking down of Fernando basses and the aggressive vocals of Dan.

This is the Cursed Slaughter. Can you Fuck’n Stay Alive?