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Death Disco Radio with Non-Stop Podcasts of electronic body Post industrial punk no wave Disco cult classics, Dirty Trash laden Euro Disco, Italodisco, Eurodisco, italodance, Eurodance, Eurobeat, Hi-NRG, Chicago house, Italo Disco, acid house, Electro, New Wave music, CLASSIC ELECTRO, Synth wave, Detroit Techno, Dark Wave, Minimal techno, Coldwave, Miami Bass, Electro pop, Dark Electro, ELECTRO NU WAVE, NEO WAVE, PUNK FUNK and NO WAVE, Mod Revival, ELECTROPUNK, DANCEFLOOR NU WAVE, CLASH DISCO, AVANTGARDE NU WAVE, New Romantic, EBM, Power pop, NEO POP, HOT MIX 5, ELABORATE POP ELECTRO, GOTHIC ELECTRO, postpunk, Neue Deutsche Welle. Radio of the 1980s Detroit, Bronx, New York City, Los Angeles, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, Koln, Romania, Sweden, Italy, with weekly dj’s and artists broadcasting on our podcast and Launchcast. Listen to music on the Death Disco Radio transmission. Death Disco Radio operates in Chicago and Minneapolis, broadcasting on 93.1 FM and 92.9 FM. The radio show officially launched on August 2006 by Nico (Founder and Program Director of Death Disco Radio).

Death Disco Radio Simulcasts can also be frequently heard on 93.1 FM Twin Cities Radio and worldiwde on iTunes.

High Energy, Italo-disco, Eurodisco, Italodance and Euro-Synth music for S.E.D.U.C.T.I.O.N. on the dancefloor.

“Glitz, Glamour, and Champagne.”

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There are many high-profile hosts who present shows heard on Death Disco Radio:

DJ Hell, Larry Tee, Nico, Mr. K-Alexi, Adriano Canzian, The Model, Mihai Popoviciu, Masstyk, Mick Wills, Play Paul, xxNaughty Wood, Princess Superstar, Gene Farris, Reid Speed, Salvatore Cusato, DJ Lynnetic, Miss Sugar, and Funky Junction among others.