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This article is about the hip hop group. For the nWo wrestling faction, see New World Order (professional wrestling)#1998. For the political movement against money in US politics, see Wolf PAC.

Wolfpac (stylized as WOLFPAC) is an American hip hop group formed in 1997 by former Bloodhound Gang member and co-founder Daddy Long Legs. The group's musical style fuses hip hop beats with hardcore and metal samples. Its lyrical style draws from horrorcore, focusing on subjects such as resurrection, revenge, necrophilia, and standing up for one's own beliefs. The group's live performances from time to time include a DJ, guitar player and strippers.

Wolfpac released its debut album, Somethin Wicked This Way Comes, on May 18, 1999, through Chord Recordings. Daddy Long Legs claims that he funded the EP's production by robbing graves and selling the bones to occult stores. Wolfpac expanded its cult following through appearances on The Howard Stern Show and Opie and Anthony, and released its second album, Evil Is... on January 16, 2001 on Megaforce Records.

In 2006, the group released the underground hip hop compilation When There's No More Room in Hell: Volume I, featuring contributions from Big B and The Dirtball, Danny Diablo, Grave Plott, Jason Porter and Intrinzik, Q-Strange, Vanilla Ice, and many others. The group released its first pornographic DVD, The Girls of WOLFPAC Volume 1, in 2007 and its second, The Girls of WOLFPAC Volume 2, in 2008. Both were nominated for an AVN Award. Wolfpac has performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos annually from 2004 to current, and hosts the Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Hour on Psychopathic Radio (formerly known as W-Fuck-Off Radio).

In 2013 the group announced the release of their third studio album Square Peg Round Hole with a release date of August 1. It was their first release in 12 years and features the rappers Mars, Defekt, and Kung Fu Vampire.


  • Somethin Wicked This Way Comes (1999)
  • Evil Is... (2001)
  • Square Peg Round Hole (2013)


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