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For the Spanish field hockey coach, see Dani Martín (field hockey). For the footballer, see Daniel Martín.

Daniel Martín García (born 19 February 1977) is the vocalist of award-winning Spanish pop rock band El Canto del Loco (ECDL) and has also acted, prominently in Spanish film Yo soy la Juani, also in the TV series Cuenta atrás and Los hombre de Paco.


Since childhood he liked to imitate his favorite artists in the living room of his house with his neighbor and friend Aintzane Rebollo, which led him to dream of forming his own band someday. At the age 14, he debuted in TVE, on the musical program called Rock Out, with which he was introduced to the public.

Aware that this institute did not appeal, he began developing his studies at the prestigious Drama School Cristina Rota, which provided him with his first jobs as a stage actor. Later, Dani decided to attend another school considered as flagship training for actors called William Layton. From his training as an actor, Dani Martin has developed numerous works as a film actor, among which include his role in Sirenas of Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Sin vergüenza by Joaquín Oristrell, Auger Carlos Villaverde, Manuel Sanabria, and Yo soy la Juani by Bigas Luna. He was also added as an actor in theatrical works and in TV series such as Countdown, Al salir de clase, Policías, en el corazón de la calle, Raquel busca su sitio, Petra Delicado, 7 vidas, Hospital Central, Los hombres de Paco and a small role in the movie Broken Embraces, directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

Since 2000, Dani Martin combines his work as head of the Spanish pop group El Canto del Loco, with its forays into film and television. Between 2007-2008 he starred in a series for television called Four Countdown, in which he played the impulsive police chief inspector Paul Corso. It contained two seasons and eventually the series was not renewed because Dani Martin wanted to leave to devote himself completely to the group El Canto del Loco.



with El Canto del Loco
  • 2000: El Canto del Loco
  • 2002: A contracorriente
  • 2003: Estados de ánimo
  • 2005: Zapatillas
  • 2008: Personas
  • 2009: Radio la colifata presenta: El Canto del Loco
  • 2010: Pequeño
  • 2011: "Pequeño... (Tesoro), Las Maquetas de Pequeño"
  • 2013: Dani Martín


  • 2010: "16 Añitos"
  • 2010: "Mira La Vida"
  • 2011: "Mi Lamento"
  • 2013: "Cero"
  • 2013: "Caminar"
  • 2013: "Qué Bonita La Vida"
  • 2014: "Emocional"



  • El 92 cava con todo (1991)
  • Sirenas (1994)
  • Perdón, perdón (1998)
  • Sobreviviré (1999)
  • Sin vergüenza (2001)
  • After (2001)
  • I Love You Baby (2001)
  • Sinfín (2005)
  • Torrente 3: El protector (2005)
  • Yo soy la Juani (2006)
  • El Canto del Loco: la película (2009)
  • Los Abrazos Rotos (2009)


  • Ponte las pilas (1991–1992)
  • ¡Ay, Señor, Señor! (1 episode, 1995)
  • Al salir de clase (2 episodes, 1998)
  • El comisario (1 episodio, 1999)
  • Policías, en el corazón de la calle (1 episode, 2000)
  • Hospital Central (1 episode, 2000)
  • Raquel busca su sitio (15 episodes, 2000)
  • 7 vidas (1 episodio, 2004)
  • Latrelevisión (1 episodio, 2005)
  • Cuenta atrás (2007–2008)
  • Los hombres de Paco (2009)


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