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Dans Le Temps is the solo project of Arielle Smith, a 17-year-old prodigy from Appleton, Wisconsin. That’s right. Wis-freaking-consin. One wouldn’t expect such experienced lyrical musings from a girl…who was homeschooled…in Wisconsin…and works at a bank. One’s expectations would be wrong.

Arielle’s distinct, husky tone is reminiscent of Joanna Newsom, as she croons on songs such as ‘Hear Me Now’ and ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’. Her strong point is her lyrics, which should be not only heard but read to fully grasp the power of every word. This is certainly not to say that her melodies and instrumentation are weak points, though; quite the contrary. It’s like trying to pick a favorite bandmember when all of them are awesome…and…there’s also only one bandmember.

Anyways, listen up ‘cause this bitch can lay smack down on your brain. In, like, a really good way and stuff.