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Dark Every Day is an Austin, Texas based metal band, by way of Brenham, with a style combining punk, heavy metal, hardcore, and hard rock all in one.

The founding members, Tony and Manuel, who are also brothers, started the band in their garage after learning to play their instruments in only a few years. With Tony on bass and Manuel, currently 15-years-old, on guitar, Patrick, a bilateral amputee who plays with two prosthetic legs, took over on drums and the group began writing music. Dustin was the last to join the band on rhythm guitar and the group has been hard at work ever since.

Since their forming in the summer of 2008, Dark Every Day have teamed up with 3 Kisses lead singer Tish Meeks, who has been a mentor to them and brought them up in the industry. After word of the band got to Joe O’Brien of Rat Pak Records, Dark Every Day was signed as a developing band.

Their debut album W.T.F., recorded and produced by Eric LaBrosse at Cherry Pit Mobile Studios, was released through Rat Pak Records in April of 2009. Their sophomore album will be released in 2010, which will include their hit single “Burning”.