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Daxelin is Danny D. Loopy (the human) and Corbin Toopoyntoh (the computer). Together we sew sound waves together creating blankets for you to wrap around your sessy bodies. We just recorded our new album “BLAMMA!!!” (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blamma!!!/id491167393). Most of it was recorded under a bridge where there was tons of free used needles that were totally up for grabs! You should purchase it, that would be swell. Or if it becomes available on a torrent site, I’d totally just download it illegally.

We’ve had some pretty big gigs, at places like the back of hip bars where the cool cats hang out to the back room of a video arcade known as Nickel City (that one was MAJOR.) We don’t have any gigs coming up currently, we’d like some though, that would be quite nice. Especially a paid one, where we could use the money to buy tea or sandwiches, or if we hit it real big possibly a fancy hat or drugs.

Anyway, hope you like the blankets. Love yew.