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Originally called After Death. Death Remains are a five piece METAL band from all over London, mixing Barry O’Connor’s brutiful vocals, the twin axe attack of Marc Yacas and Eljay Lambert, the pounding of Gaz Martinez’s bass and the drum machine technicality that is Jai Patel, we bring the noise, and we bring it GOOD! Already having the privilege of playing some of the best venues london has to offer such as The Underworld and The Scala and having already branched out to Brazil playing in front of hundreds of people every night Death Remains are set to tour anywhere and everywhere this year and are one serious band to look out for! So check us at a show, grab a shirt, download a song or five, and most of all spread the Death Remains love.See you in the pit!

In May 2009 Death Remains (the After Death) launched their new EP called “Eulogy” at the Purple Turtle in Camden alongside “Decadencia X” promoters. Death Remains helped them raise money for leukaemia awareness at their event by selling additional merchandise such as t-shirts and CD’s.

The original members Marc Yacas (Lead Guitarist), Barry O’ Connor (Drummer/Backing Vocals) and Leon Villalba (Rhythm Guitarist) studied together at St Aloysius Secondary School and shared a great understanding of each others music interests, which in turn formed the band soon after in 2005.

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