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Defecal Of Gerbe biography : DxOxG, a french groovy gore grind band, was born in 2005 from the three singers and childhood friends : Aurel, Poussin and Nico. RV, Pachyderme (R.I.P) ex-drummer, dreaming to be a grinder, joined them quickely. Then, they called on Savage Annihilation’s (Poussin’s brutal death band) musicians, Dave and Mike, who accept without hesitation. Rehearsals and concerts have follwed until February 2007 when they enter the studio to record their 5 first titles, produced and distributed by Show Me Your Tits Records. That allowed them to be known in Europe and everywhere namely in Japan and Russia where Coyote Records proposes them to appear in a 4 way split, come out at the begining of 2008. So the band starts working hard on new songs in order to record a full album soon. DxOxG is influenced by a lot of musical styles. The idea of the 3 singers was to remake disco/funk songs into grind. The band has naturally adopted a subtle caricatured appearence of the extrem music world, with keeping inside their guts the desire to send a beating up music. The members like Rompeprop, satan’s revenge on mankind, Cock and ball torture, DxExAxG, Jig-Ai, Necrophiliacs, KC and the Sunshine Band, boney M, Village People and many else. Discography : Discolocaust - Demo 2007 Ebanath / Defecal of Gerbe / Vulvulator / Tremor Split 2008 Grind Your Life - Split (with Vaginal Chicken and Bestial Devastation) 2009