«Desalmado» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Caio Augusttus - Vocals

Estevam Romera - Guitars

Maria Piti - Bass

Ricardo Nutzmann - Drums

Bruno Leandro - Guitars


Desalmado, grindcore band formed in 2004 in São Paulo (Brazil).

In 2005 the band - under the name of El Fuego - released their first Demo CD with 10 songs showing elements of what the band sounds today. In 2006 their first album Desalmado was released and acclaimed by the specialized media and the fans of grindcore.

2008 marks a new beggining for Desalmado, with a new drummer (Ricardo Nutzmann, ex-RHD) and new bass player (Maria Piti, ex-CPL2, Caixa Prega) and the same agressive music.

Desalmado plays grindcore, but won’t stick to labels. Fidelity only to their own music style and away from the trends. Their lyrics talk against the behavior patterns imposed by the few that hold the power and dictates the rules of the society.