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Disenchanter ~ Portland, Oregon (2011 - Present)


Formed in May of 2011, rising from the ashes of the black machine, invoked after many moons, Disenchanter is a heavy rock band riding the currents of doom, casting riffs of rock, and melding the elixirs of metal to bring forth a fantasy of sci-fi wrapped in a stoner groove!

Sabine Stangenberg is the axe wielding siren leading the trio toward unending landscapes of enchanting sonic textures.

Joey DeMartini is the fuzz-evoking bottom dweller energizing the engine of passion to push beyond all boundaries.

Jay Erbe is the skins punishing usurper upon the throne of thunderous rumblings echoing through the heavens to unite all time in a never ending now.

Disenchanter has played in Oregon, Washington, and California and have released two eps, ‘Back To Earth’ and ‘On Through Portals’ which are both available for digital download at Bandcamp. If you would like to purchase a physical copy or other merch please contact us directly. Stay heavy!
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