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The Original Dj DTM started spinning in Toronto in 1989 at house party’s and high school dances through his teens with influences like Frankie Knuckles, Robert Owens, Lil Louis and Green Velvet, but he really began his career behind the party movement in 1993,

You can find many other people on the internet using the DTM name,… we are not sure why they all chose to use this name but this DTM has been around far longer than the internet and all of them.

This page all the links on it and all the information found here are for the often imitated But never duplicated…

Film and special event location scout and location manager, event coordinator and promotions man for some of the best underground Rave party’s, clubs, music videos film shoots and television shows Toronto has ever seen, the original DTM 30ish now has thrown raves inside spaces that may never, ever see another party such as…

The Ontario Science centre,

The CN Tower,

Gunns Road Toronto,

Playdium Toronto,

The Toronto Yacht club,

Toronto Island airport,

247 Spadina,


and the list goes on…

11 Polson 1 year before it was bought by Liberty group ent. and became The Docks.

318 Richmond was home to an underground rave before raves known as THE FREAKSHOW two years before it was purchased by Joker.

not to mention the farmers fields, warehouses, subways, boats and after hour clubs,

He can also take credit for the first ever cherry beach outdoor free party but spent most of his time on the dex honing his art and behind the scene at party’s held in his favorite space.

30 Gunns Rd, where he founded a club known as E-Party, aka TheSpace aka Hallways and the vast building upstairs known as the meat locker, anyone who was there might or might not remember the Spooky freight elevator ride up.

DTM has had a hand in on most of the early Destiny’s, and Hulla’s before the tragic sellout of Destiny and Hullaballo events to the docks, all the Cyrus, Citrus, along with Anabolic Frolic and many many other one off events way before raving was a seen as a crime. he and 5 friends also started The Trinity Belwoods Drum Jam some 8 years ago, and it was at all these party’s that DTM learned directly from the masters, shared his talent and created a beat style and vibe all his own.

Through his career DTM has mastered Jungle, DnB, Trance, Happy Hardcore, Booty House, Hard house and Psy Trance but his favorite is and always has been House, deep dirty electro house, in his collection today you can find tracks from DK8, Cirez D,Tom novy, Marco V, Sammim, PVD, CVS, along with his own white labels DTM rocks every show no matter what his involvement in the event is and always leaves every crowd wanting more.