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dogboy! stands for various types of electronic music production connected with acoustic instruments. they have their very peculiar way of connecting variants of electronic music with their vision of soulful songwriting. the two-man project reflects the different characters of the members who take part: marino acapulco is the one who puts into practice his weakness for relaxed, artificial and very original electronic sound environments. the result is in accordance with his addiction to sounds no matter what their source is. jacques bush brings in his conception of contemporary song writing with a sensitive feeling for melancholic tunes. his chameleon voice is able to adapt to the particular mood of every single track all in all this flows into a synthesis which conciliates the uplifting moments of pop history… not as cliché, but as feeling which reminds us of songs we may have heard before. danceable but also suitable for private music listening.


Jacques Bush / Marino Acapulco with guest musicans ; Furth van der Haam, bass; Enrico Grassi, violoncello; Tim Breyvogel, drums …